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    Editing email addresses in an Address Book v6.1 icloud group
    I wish to specify which of a contact's multiple email will get used in an address book group. It used to be possible in the past with edit destination group but I can't find how to do it now.

    I am on OSX Lion with Address Book 6.1 and using iCloud.

    Any thoughts - thanks?

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    Jan 30, 2011
    I recently discovered this flaw. The only way to edit a distribution list is to have a version of your contacts saved locally on your hard disk. Once you do this, you will have a new group in the groups section of Address Book v6.1 labeled "On My Mac". When have "On My Mac" selected, you will again have the ability to edit the Distribution List. Right now your "Edit Distribution List" option is probably grayed out, right?

    A friend of mine chose to store contacts locally when he integrated with iCloud, and he now has a section of Address Book called "On My Mac", and one called "iCloud". The edit distribution list option is available in the "On My Mac" section, but not in the "iCloud" section.

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