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    Macbook Pro 15" gonna be okay?
    Hi everyone,

    Was just on the bus into town this evening, my relatively new 15" Macbook Pro shut down inside its foamy sleeve (you know, the skins which zip shut and are as tight as possible) inside my relatively cushioned backpack, which was full to the brim with all sorts of things (books, clothes, etc.)...
    Anyway, I was on the right side of the bus, window seat. My backpack was next to me on my left, so next to the aisle. I didn't see anything wrong with it sitting alongside me like another person, until the bus did an unexpectedly large swerve around a corner that threw my backpack to the ground with quite a thud.
    The pack landed on the flat surface that would be touching my back if I was wearing it (so the laptop would've been more or less parallel with the ground upon impact), on some of the steps that lead up to the elevated seats at the back of the bus. I picked it up, cursing, walked up the hill to the residence I was headed for, and plugged it in/switched it on.
    Zero external damage and the boot was flawless. All things considered, the laptop is probably 100% fine, just the one thing which caused me to be neurotic and post this was the force of the bus hurling the bag to the ground. Obviously it was less of knock for the laptop than it was a jolt, so I was just curious whether or not a jolt of that force, sleeve/padding/backpack or not, could do any harm to a shut-down MBP.
    I am just not in a position to repair or replace this laptop if any harm comes to it.
    Thank you.

    - Basti

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    If it booted up fine, I would say you have nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on it though just incase.

    The fact there's no cosmetic damage either is a bonus!

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    Well I guess what my question really is is: does the jolt I described sound large enough to do any internal damage (considering the external is absolutely fine)?

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