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    Nov 18, 2011
    overscan option missing on osx 10.7.2
    I have a brand new MacBook Pro 17 top of the line running OSX 10.7.2 with all software up to date.

    In my display preferences there is no overscan option anymore when connected to my scan converter through the mini display port -> vga apple adapter.

    Please help! I do live VJ work and now my output DOES NOT fill the whole screen, looks horrible!

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    There should be no need of an overscan option when using VGA.
    I'd suggest changing the resolution you're using.
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    Nov 18, 2011
    video mixer
    I mix video live behind bands and djs, all my clips are formated to be photojpeg 640x480 to reduce load on the computer. The output of the computer runs into a video mixer. That final output is not right when the computer is coming through but is when a dvd player is coming through.

    Also when I hook it up directly through vga the same problem happens. Overscan is needed, as always, when going to a tv from a computer. Where has it gone? How do I/we bring it back?

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