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seanmathew01 11-17-2011 02:59 PM

Keyboard stops working after login
Hey guys had a major problem that happened with my imac today. I just bought a razer blackwidow machanical gaming keyboard and hooked it up to my imac to use and everything worked amazingly at first. I was setting up some settings and had to restart the imac. when it came back up the keyboard worked at login screen for my password but then stopped working after i logged in. The function keys work but thats all.

Any idea's on what this may be? I've looked up a bunch of things on it and people are saying that its mouse keys in universal access thats causing it but i checked it and its turned to off so i know its not that. I also plugged my regular apple keyboard back up and its doing the same thing.

Any help or suggestions would be great at this point.


seanmathew01 11-18-2011 12:21 PM

Figured it kinda. Did a fresh reinstall with lion and everything is working fine. I really don't know what triggered the whole keyboard thing but if anyone else has the same problem theres nothing really you can do to fix it cause i tried everything known to man to try an fix it. Just to a fresh reinstall with either lion or snow leopard and it should fix all the problems.

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