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Thread: How do you erase Apple Mail App from Lion

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    Nov 17, 2011
    How do you erase Apple Mail App from Lion
    Hate it and can not seem to erase the app. Anyone know how?

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    Why would you want to erase it, why not just install your favourite mail app on your Mac and leave it alone?


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    Nov 17, 2011
    For a couple of reasons. I use Gmail, but Apple Mail is the default when you hit an email address. I can't see how to make it the default. Second reason is I need the the disk space.

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    Mail is less than 70mb in space. You are that low on space?

    Clicking on an email address will always open an email app on a computer (Windows does the same, btw). gmail can be set up with Mac Mail - if you don't like that, there is a number of other apps out there you could use instead. I guess right now you are going to gmail through a browser - you won't be able to activate this when you click onto an email address.

    If you really want to erase this app - What have you tried? Usually you should be able to got into your Applications folder and just move the app to the trash. If that doesn't work, doing so through the Terminal might be another option. I'd stay away from it though. Not sure how integrated Mac Mail is into the system - you might run into issues if it's removed.

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    Jan 04, 2011
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    Tried right clicking the app, get info, changing the permissions to everyone-r/w then deleting?

    I agree, btw. Dont like the app. Its my computer, let me delete what i want. *cough*windows*cough*internet explorer*cough*

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    Can't help with erasing Mail (though I'd suggest getting a new hard disk if you're that short of space) but I can help with the default mail issue.

    Download and install Gmail Notifier. It's preferences allow you to specify the default mail client, including a browser.

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    Nov 17, 2011
    Thanks robduckyworth . That did it.

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