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    using a terminal to access my USB
    I think I have some hidden files on a UBS drive. I want to delete them & have tried using a terminal to change directories to the drive. I have tried the command cd /'STORE N GO' ( the name of the drive) however it comes back & tells me there is no such directory as STORE N GO.

    Any suggestions?


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    from terminal type mount then hit enter

    phila_mac:~ phila$ mount

    You will get a result that shows what is mounted where

    /dev/disk1s2 on / (hfs, local, journaled)
    devfs on /dev (devfs, local, nobrowse)
    /dev/disk0s2 on /Volumes/Userdata (hfs, local, journaled)
    /dev/disk0s3 on /Volumes/BOOTCAMP (ntfs, local, read-only, noowners)
    map -hosts on /net (autofs, nosuid, automounted, nobrowse)
    map auto_home on /home (autofs, automounted, nobrowse)
    localhost:/wLH33xRMhA0tN_wklHcT5O on /Volumes/MobileBackups (mtmfs, nosuid, read-only, nobrowse)
    /dev/disk2s10 on /Volumes/Time Machine (hfs, local, nodev, nosuid, journaled)
    /dev/disk2s12 on /Volumes/NP (hfs, local, nodev, nosuid, journaled, noowners)

    Then try changing dir to where it's mounted.
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    Disks are mounted to /Volumes by default. Look in there (you can see this in the mount report posted by shadco above).
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    Thanks to Shadco & vansmith. Your information has solved my problem. You ae both very helpful. Hopefully I'll remember next time I want to do it. And yes there were hidden files . .

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