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    flash player for ppc
    i happen to have an older powermac g4 quicksilver 2002 and i have found that flash player 10 the last version that works with ppc works better in leopard than in tiger. there are lots of people out there that say that tiger is faster than leopard for many reasons. the thing is that there are some sites that need flash player 10 to even use the site like ustream and and a few others. youtube puts messages on its site when you are using flash player 9 to recommend you to upgrade or update to flash player 10 for improved preformance. what do you think bout this. is there a workaround for sites that wont work unless u have flash player 10. one thing i know is that steve jobs never gained a true relationship with adobe for flash and usually flash wasnt made for mac like it was for windows and linux. is there a workaround. would it be that we have to have more ram. is there a way to have the video card use flash player over the processor ?

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    Flash 10.1.102 (also called 10.1 r102) is the last version compiled for PowerPC computers.
    It is still available from Adobe, but you have to download a huge archive with other versions in it.

    Here's that archive download:

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    My experience with Leopard when it came out was that it was generally faster than Tiger was, but I also exceeded the minimum requirements to run it. If your system meets the requirements for Leopard, then by all means you should look into getting it. If you only have the minimum amount of RAM required, then you should at least double it to get satisfactory performance.

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    I have no issues with flash on my Powerbook G4 running Leopard, so if you have the chance to upgrade, given the above advice regarding minimum specs, you should be fine.
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