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    Lion usb camera not seen
    I have an iMac 27in 3.1 ghz with Lion, when I connect my cannon camera via usb to it the iMac can''t see it. I would like to download images off the camera but can't when the iMac can't see the camera. what to do? nothing wrong with camera or cable.
    it's the latest version of Lion ( apple's answer to vista)


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    Can you remove the SD card from the Canon and insert into your SD slot on the iMac? If not, a USB card reader should work OK.

    it's the latest version of Lion ( apple's answer to vista)
    The best of Vista is not even in the same league with any version of OS X.

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    The camera uses a cf card not sd card so can't plug card into computer. Needing to remove card from camera is so 80's. Besides with leopard on the mac mini i had before this I could just plug in the camera and it was seen as usb volume and I could download pics - no fuss no muss. So i need to reconfigure something or Lion has taken a step backwards. **** I can plug the camera into an old amiga and download quickly. But I want to do it on my work machine- the iMac.
    thanks for trying.


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