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Thread: Help With Syncing iPhone Contacts!!

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    Help With Syncing iPhone Contacts!!
    Ok, before everybody tells me to use the search function or to simply sync my iphone via iTunes please understand I'm not a noob. I'm completely stumped with this situation and can't find a solution. I want to sync the contacts with my MBP and iPad, but the normal syncing process isn't working.

    I have an iPhone 3GS that has approximately 5000 contacts in it. My contacts are grouped in two groups: personal and business. For whatever reason, the business group (the majority of the contacts) doesn't even show as a group in iTunes when the phone is plugged into my MBP. I've tried to "Sync All," but it doesn't sync my business contacts. I've also noticed that the sync isn't even syncing all of my personal contacts.

    Anybody else encounter this issue? I'm wondering if the large amount of contacts is presenting challenges. Any ideas on what to do?

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    Have you been previously syncing your iPhone with Address Book via USB on your MBP and are you still trying to do this ?

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