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    Ghosts of Mac Lion Server?
    I am running Mac Lion on an iMac 2007, with an upgraded Seagate 2TB hard drive (upgraded 6 mo ago). I configured Lion server originally intending to access the server via the web. To do this, I needed several things: first, a DNS update client to update the dynamic ip address of my router to the static ip address of my website. I thought about a free domain name, but in order to easily configure Lion server, I need an SSL certificate for the web domain, and for that I need to control the domain. So I configured a No-IP DUC DNS client to update with my dynamic ip address. Got the SSL. Server would not configure. Could not access. I had difficulty because the Nameservers at Godaddy were not pointing to the Noip name servers, which were the ones being updated by the No-ip DUC. It became a mess.

    Then I tried to trash all the work I'd done before, deleting users and groups, and reinstalling Lion server, and set up the server on another domain, Starting fresh. I used the other domain,, as a hosted weblog for the future. I started fresh with another domain name. TRouble with setting up the open directory (which was already setup, so tough to change). Anyway, now to the problem. I have had it with Lion Server. I'm done. I just want to host a blog on

    SO>> on the iMac I used as a server, I cannot connect to ''. every time I type in the address, it defaults to, and then gives me a blank page with Apache lists and errors. I de-activated Server by turning off all applications hosted, unchecked 'dedicate system resources to server', and then deleted the folder with Server Tools, Emptied th trash, and then restarted.

    There is no server on my iMac anymore. Cant find it. Good. Navigate to and the web page loads very slowly and then gives the message that Safari cannot connect to the server. I have emptied the cache, reset Safari, and restarted. Twice. This webpage won't load. Others will, and fast.

    Heres THE KICKER___ if I go to my other macbook pro, I can navigate to easily, and I opened iWeb and uploaded a test page easily. You can see it, too. If I go back to the iMac, I cannot connect to any way; either by Safari, or by uploading content from iWeb, or even by using another FTP client, like FETCH. They all tell me (from the computer only) that either the server refused the connection, or I should verify my settings. IS Lion server a Ghost in my machine? WHY IS ONE MACHINE ACTING DIFFERENTLY? Note to responders: I am an 'expert novice'. I have no computer training, and am 48 years old. I sound like I know a bit, but I'm drilling down here a bit deeper than my capabilities. Any ideas? What is different between these 2 machines?


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    Just quick note to add; last night I created another Admin level user on the same machine, and then logged in as that user, and the same mis-direction occurs, but only relating to that website I had once used as a server portal. It can't be the router, otherwise all my hard-wired machines would do it, and it can't be the user, as above. It must be in the machine, separate from the user files. HELP, please

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