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    Safari loading my Windows Bookmarks
    I think I screwed up and I cant un-screw this up. I was trying to migrate my contacts and calendar from my Windows Exchange environment to my MCP using iCloud (It never worked) but somehow, I think it copied over my IE Bookmarks into my Safari Bookmark file.

    So now when i load Safari, I gets over a hundred pages on tabs loading at the same time during startup. I tried to delete the bookmark.plist file and that only seemed to work once. Then the next time I loaded, they were all back. Can someone help? Thanks.

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    First, make a backup of all your data. Use Time Machine.

    Next, you will need to unhide your user library folder in order to try to get rid of those bookmarks. Open Terminal and type in the following command and then press enter:

    chflags nohidden ~/Library/

    Log off and log on. That will reset the Finder.

    From the Finder, navigate to:

    /Users/your name/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/Bookmarks/

    Move the folder "Bookmarks" to your desktop or to the Trash - but don't empty the Trash yet. The above action will remove the bookmarks from the cache. Go ahead and delete the bookmarks plist file again while you're at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoNoMo View Post
    So now when i load Safari, I gets over a hundred pages on tabs loading at the same time during startup.
    This could be as simple as a setting in Safari's preferences. Go to Safari > Preferences > General > New windows open with. What is the value? If it's not one the first five (the ones above the divider), change it to one of those. Make the appropriate changes for new tabs as well if the setting is wrong.
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    this is getting ridiculous. I have tried everything but these bookmarks and tabs opening at startup keep reoccurring. I went into the metadata/Safar and can see the Bookmarks and history. I'll delete the entire bookmarks folder, relaunch safari and watch a bunch of new bookmarks (the ones from my Windows PC) reappear. There MUST be some setting that is causing Safari to point to another file online. is iCloud causing this? I tried "resetting safar", i tried the simple fix as noted above. This is really frustrating and its not easy to fix. there MUST be a fix to this....

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