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SlicerDicer 11-14-2003 02:23 AM

Swticher 3D style
Ok how do you activate the 3D swithing user? i am lost on that one LOL and if you look through the posts i have made and what i use you may think i am a crackbaby :D

Graphite 11-14-2003 11:04 AM

Hmm Swticher... and swithing... we may think your a crack baby from that though :D

--i mist the point of this thread but oh well :)

trpnmonkey41 11-14-2003 11:14 AM

well to start with 3d switching only works in panther

for 3d switching to work you can not have multiple monitors set up. go to system preferences -> accounts -> login options and make sure fast user switching is enabled.

MacAddikt 11-14-2003 11:15 AM

im guessing you mean Fast User Switching. You can enable this in System Preferences >> Accounts

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