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    Office documents not appearing in recent file history
    I recently got a new external hard drive, where I store all my documents. However, none of the Microsoft Office files stored on this disk appear in the "Today/Yesterday/Past Week" locations.

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    I'm assuming you're referring to the MS Office opening dialog (Word gallery, Presentation gallery, etc.) which lists documents that have been previously opened by Office applications? If you are, I believe that MS Office will only "remember" documents stored in the default user documents folder, not on a separate hard drive.

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    Nov 02, 2011
    No, I am not referring to the recent documents once an Office program has been opened. If you look in Finder, under "Search for" are Recent/Yesterday/Past week choices. That is where the documents are not showing up. This new external hard drive is a replacement for one I had been using, and it worked fine.

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