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    Lightbulb imac g5 software upgrade help
    help help help........i am so sick of this computer i am ready to toss it. I bought mac for security children are beginning to use the computer for school etc...initially everything was good...i started to switch alliance from a pc to mac (lmao) i so want to go back to pc, but am holding out because so much people say mac is better. well i had the flashing folder with happy face question mark. after visiting all forums and trying to reinstall software, i ended up buying a new hard drive. then come to find out today i just learned that the imac g5 does not support snow leopard, and that is the software i bought. anyways i had someone work on my computer they brought it back today and i am able to get it.....which i am very happy about, but it looks like he loaded the tiger software and i want to upgrade to leopard being that that is the highest software i can get. but i am having trouble with that........can someone help me asap!!!

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    What problem are you having with the upgrade? When you attempt to do the install make sure that you purchase a retail version of 10.5. These discs seem to be running for between $100.00 and $150.00 on eBay. You'll need at least 512 MB of ram but 1 GB or more is better.

    Once you have the disc installation is pretty straightforward. Insert the install DVD, reboot the machine from the DVD drive, and follow the onscreen directions.
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    I hate to say it...but it sounds like a bit more research could have been done before jumping into owning and using Macintosh computers.

    That iMac G5 is a good computer...and should be a fine computer for your young children. The iMac G5 line of computers was available from August, 2004 thru January, 2006...and as you can see...these computers now are from 5-7 years old. This makes finding & purchasing software applications & operating system software more challenging than a brand new Macintosh computer.

    If you run into any additional issues...please research the issue & ask questions here so that any additional frustration can be avoided.

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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