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    finding original iPhoto images
    After downloading images from my digital camera, I am able to view them in iPhoto, but I cannot find them in Finder to know where their original location is on my hard drive. Does anyone know where the MacBook Pro stores original images?

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    I usually download the files to a folder(usually on my desktop) then import them to iPhoto or whatever program I am using. That way I know where the originals are. I usually use Image Browser which is a Canon program and it does a nice job of organizing.
    I think your original photos are still in iPhoto.
    I'm sure someone will have a better answer.

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    Ctrl click on the photo and choose Show in Finder(or something similar, I'm not at my Mac). They are stored in Home Folder>Pictures>iPhoto Library.

    iPhoto Library is a package, you will need to Ctrl click to open it. You should see a folder called Originals. Just be catre about messin about within the iPhoto package as you can cause all sorts of problems with iPhoto.

    If you want a copy of your original either export it from iPhoto, or just drag from iPhoto to Finder.

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    You don't really need to micromanage your images on the directory level with iPhoto. Just think of iPhoto as your Pictures folder, with subfolders of "albums" in it. Messing around with the package contents, including the original pictures and thumbnails, can cause conflicts and issues in iPhoto. You can drag a picture out of iPhoto to anywhere you like and it will behave just like an original image file. And you can upload from iPhoto from the Photos section at the bottom of the sidebar in every file browser.

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