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    Problems setting PATH variable in Lion
    Hello, can anyone tell me why OS X Lion won't save my PATH when I add a new path to it? I use export PATH=$PATH:/"my_pathhere" to add the path that I want added. Upon typing echo $PATH before I close the terminal window it shows up in the path. However, once I exit the terminal window and re-open it the new path variable no longer shows up? I don't get it. I have just upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard and did this exact same thing no longer than a week ago in Snow Leopard and had no problem.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Because you're never saved it to your profile, you've only loaded it into memory.

    Try this.

    echo "export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/whatever" >> .bash_profile

    when done, then do

    . .bash_profile

    That should reload the profile and make the path change persistent
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    Thanks Mike, I believe that did the trick!

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