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    Two MS Word questions
    Hello, I have two questions relating MS Word on the Mac. I have the latest version:

    1) The "dictionary" language seems to be permanently set to German, which is fine for when I am writing in German, but right now I need to write an important document in English and I can't seem to change the dictionary language to English.

    I have checked the settings and there is the option under the menu>Tool>Languages but even if I set it to English, the document spell checker still proofs it in German. How can this be changed?

    If the CD is required, I have this, and incidentally, it's an English version of the software. If I do need to use the CD, do I need to run a full installation process? Or is there a way to just "add" extra languages?

    At work, Word on my Windows PC can allow multiple languages and can switch automatically between them or manually if desired. I assume such a thing is also available on the Mac version.

    2) On a completely different note, I have a document which has the corrections and modifications highlighted on the screen. However, when I try to print this, even when selecting the option to include the corrections, it only prints the main document. This used to work, so maybe a setting has been changed. Any idea where I could find this setting?

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    1) you need to select the whole document before changing the language. try adding a title first, then using CMD-A to select all and then changing the language. it should then continue to work as you type the document. english should be installed, otherwise if this doesn't work you might need to install the language from the CD.

    2) no clue. play around with print preview first and see if you can make it show there first.

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    Thanks for your help, #1 sorted out the problem. For #2, I found that there is an additional (confusing) setting.

    By standard, when looking at the print preview page, it shows the "Markups" on the print preview as well as when you print to PDF (showing correctly in Preview). The problem was despite this, when printing, it would ignore the markups. I found that I had to go to an additional "setting" screen in the OSX Print options called "Microsoft Word" under the "Copies and Pages" options. Here, it would say "Document Showing Markup". I don't have to reselect anything, just print with this screen showing and it prints correctly. It seems to me this is a bug, whether one from Apple or Microsoft I don't know.

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