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    Heya, Long time reader, first time poster.

    Recently my girlfriend decided she wanted a basic but decent laptop, just for writing on, so we got a G4 Powerbook for 200 (bargain I thought). It generally works fine but there have been quite a lot of glitches like icons messed up, Finder not appearing when you click on the Dock, random crashes, downloads not mounting, etc. I've spent this evening trying all sorts of things to no real avail and the laptop didn't come with the original Tiger disks. My MacMini is Leopard so it's not as if I can even do a repair based on those.

    I was wondering whether doing an update to Leopard would be a quick way to fix/overwrite the buggy parts of of the OS and (now that Lion is out) whether you can do this cheaply? I'd rather spend 50 or so than waste another couple of evenings over it.

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    The G4 can be upgraded to Leopard, but no farther..Snow Leopard and Lion both require Intel-based Mac's..

    If you don't have the original Tiger disks, doing a fresh install of Leopard might ease most of your pain, also look into upgrading the memory to the maximum allowed on that Powerbook..

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