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    printer problem
    OK so I am old and not a computer genius. I changed routers (this only took me 3/4 of an hour on the phone with netgear to accoplish) and now the MAC does not recognize the printer. Widows 7 is looking better all the time. I attempted to just reinstall the printer by plugging in the install disc and it wants an administrators name and password. I don't even begin to remember what the guy used that helped me set this thing up, I had it written down and in the bottom of my in box but it is no longer there. Is there a back door into this thing that I can use to eliminate the administrators log in entirely? Is there a way to reconfigure the printer so it is once again recognized? Do I just turn this mac into a bloop machine, (a bloop machine is when you take it out into the back yard, throw it in the pond and watch it go "bloop"). Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am one phone call away from going back to a PC. Thanks in advance.

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    I think you chose a good name for yourself there. But anyway, the admin and user name that it is asking for when you put the printer install cd is the admin/password of your Apple Macintosh "Mac" (Not MAC which is something else entirely and usually associated with routers so no need for the confusion). The Mac needs this admin user name and password information to install programs. This is not the same as the login/password of your router. Though you should definitely know that for any reason you may need to access the router menu settings. (A simple reset for most routers uses the reset button it talks about in the instruction manual and will normally reset the login/password to something like admin/password). If you are talking though about not knowing the admin password for your Mac, it will be more complicated but here is a link Change the Admin Password with Mac OS X Single User Mode There are a host of tutorials on Apple's website and, as you are a recent switcher, I would advise to look over them because they are very helpful, detailed and can fix most of your issues. Here's a link for one on printers Mac OS X v10.6: Mac 101 - Printing Making it a "bloop" machine won't help you, but it would be funny and if you do so please film it and put a link here. I'd like to see.

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    The user name started the day they put a computer on my desk and expected me to learn another foreign language. I will give the link a try and hopefully can fix the problem. The mac is in less danger of becoming an artificial reef but not totally out of danger yet.

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