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    Exclamation Macbook Pro's mac side keyboard, trackpad & usb stopped working
    I have been trying to upgrade my mac OS 5.8 to Snow Leopard, now I have the installation CD for a while but my CD-ROM hasn't been working, so I took the alternative to try and boot up the CD from my external harddrive. But I have installed something provided in the CD before upgrading and it required me to restart my laptop, when I did restart it, everything loaded up correctly, but I was unable to move the mouse cursor or type anything. I have even tried using external mouse by usb port but that doesn't work either. Basically, the entire keyboard, trackpad & usb all of a sudden became unresponsive. I have tried restarting a couple of times but that didn't fix the issue. Even trying to reboot the mac in SAFE MODE (pressing shift after the power button) was useless because the same problem persists.

    I do know that the problem is a software issue rather than hardware because I am able to operate the keyboard, trackpad & usb on my bootcamp side just fine.

    I do believe the file I installed right before the initial reboot messed up the driver on my mac side. Now is there any way to do a system restore of my mac side on my bootcamp side? What should I do now?!?!?

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    MacBook pro Keyboard, Trackpad & USB stopped working
    Word for word I have the exact same problem as you had can you shed some light on how to solve it ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmailme View Post
    Word for word I have the exact same problem as you had can you shed some light on how to solve it ????
    Ahh I couldn't fix it so I sent it off to Apple to get it fixed. They told me that they basically just reinstalled the operating system. Sorry if that didn't help much... with something like this I would leave it to the professionals. Hope it will work out for you also, good luck!

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