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    Need 'hard copy' of OSX
    Quick question...

    A little more than a month ago I bought a 15ď refurbished MacBook Pro from Apple.

    Now I want to switch out the 750gb 5400 RPM harddrive for a 500gb 7200 MomentusXT hybrid drive.

    This laptop came with Lion 10.7 installed, but did not come with an installation DVD for the OS. What are my options?

    My daily use is on Windows, so I am not up to speed on how the Mac world deals with OSís.

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    OS X Lion was the first version of OS X that was available as a digital download through the Mac App Store, all previous versions of OS X came on install DVD's that you could use for re-installation..

    Once you purchase OS X Lion from the MAS, you can go back to the Purchased section and re-download the entire thing and use the instructions on this link (How to Burn Your Own OS X Lion Install DVD or USB Drive) and burn either a DVD or Flash drive with the Lion installer..

    But since you got your MBP with Lion pre-installed, I'm not sure what the steps would be, a quick call to Apple should quickly sort this out, or another member who has purchased a Mac with Lion on it and gone through the re-installation process might chime in with an answer..
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    You could clone your current drive if you have an external that you could use for those purposes.

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    Where exactly do you download it in App Store? I would also like to have a DVD with the OS on it. You newer know what could happen and you need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianLachoreVPI View Post
    You could clone your current drive if you have an external that you could use for those purposes.
    If you have an external drive case, you could download Carbon Copy Cloner Carbon Copy Cloner - Home and putting your current hard drive into the case, boot to it through USB and restore to the newly installed drive.
    I've done this many times with no problems, and if you feel it's gone wrong you still have the old system backed up on the old drive.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks for the replies guys. I have a portable that I might be able to take apart, and put the old drive into the chassis to do a clone.

    I would rather do a raw install, but if this works, it works. The current install should be fine since I really haven't had it long enough to muck it up yet.

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    Oct 23, 2011
    I was finally able to get back to this project a few days ago.

    I had forgot that I had a Universal Drive Adapter. I don't expect everyone to know what these are, but they are handy. They typically except 3 different hard drive types, and allow you to plug that hard drive into the computer via USB. No enclousers, just plug the cable into the drive, and the usb into the computer.

    Anyway, plugged the Momentus XT into this, used Carbon Copy, opened the MacBook and replaced the Toshiba standard drive with the Momentus, and booted up. Perfect. Worked first time.

    Tried to clone the Windows partition as well, but that didn't go as smoothly. Uhggg.

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    Very familiar with the Universal Drive Adapters. I would use them more often but seem to keep knocking the drives off of my desk. Guess I should be a little less clumsy. lol

    There used to be a program called Winclone for cloning Windows installations but it does not seem to work under Lion unless hacked. The only thing I can think of at the moment is to use one of the Windows tools tp do the cloning of the Windows partition but that would probably require an NTFS partition.
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