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    10.7.2 Update GUI Bug
    I woke up this morning and found that autoupdate was running last night, October 22 2010. There is now a terrible bug that has practically ruined my macbook pro present in OSX 10.7.2. If I move or resize any application window; not just safari, it then displays random pieces of the desktop within itself.

    I searched the internet, these forums, other forums, youtube, Apple and could not find anyone with the same issue. I tried to send feedback to apple but there is no option to send them feedback for 10.7.2 yet.

    I uploaded my first ever video on youtube to demonstrate the problem which is here Lion 10.7.2 GUI bug - YouTube

    If anyone has any suggestions that would alleviate my problem without reinstalling OSX Lion I would greatly appreciate the help.

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    To be honest, this sounds like more of a video issue than a 10.7.2 bug.

    Does it persist after reboot?
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