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Thread: Mouse issues

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    Oct 23, 2011
    Unhappy Mouse issues
    Hello Everyone .

    I recently switched to mac and have been enjoying it for a while .. but now the mouse has some issue which is really troubling me.


    In the starting days ...Everything worked great .. mouse functions and everything in all..

    But now a issue has started coming up with the mouse..

    That is usually when i have multiple tabs open in safari or lets say any application open .. the button on the top left for closing..minimizing.. and x in for safari tabs to close that tab ...they become highlighted when mouse is hovered over them...and then you do that function of the button .. but now the situation is that most of the time i hover over them they do not become highlighted and i keep pressing my mouse button but that functions does not perform(like if i hover the X in safari tabs and click on X.. the tabs does not close ) .. I have to keep going away and then hover again and if i am lucky it gets highlighted once and i can close it then....

    This has really become annoying for me since i have to just do it for everything ...

    Really need your help guys..

    Thanks in advance..

    System specs : mac mini july 2011 , 4 gb ram . Mac os x 10.7 ..

    Recent software installed : Parallels dektop .. windows xp.. springy..winrar..xcode.

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    Is this occurring for all applications or is it just Safari when multiple tabs are open?

    (And please do not use outsized type - as it's difficult to read and seems like your shouting to everyone.)

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    It occurs in all application.

    And ok .. i will not use outsized types in future.

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