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    Oct 21, 2011
    Missing hard drive space
    Hi all

    I have lost 300GB of space!

    I created a quicktime file and inadvertently didn't get the right compression and ended up with a 300GB file! This was in movies. I sent it to trash and emptied the trash but the file was still that size and in movies somewhere. I located it with diskinventoryx and found it in a quicktime launcher file. I deleted that in diskinventory (sent it to trash). The trash is empty but the 300GB is still there. Another search with diskinventory shows it still in the trash but the basket is empty? Have done an 'erase free space' and it still there. Thats a lot of space i will want back any ideas please?



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    Oct 21, 2011
    The case is sol-ved!

    Just in case anyone was going to give advice. I found the GB's with
    Disk inventory x. The little tikes were hiding in a Quick time launch app.
    I deleted them and although there was still 300GB outstanding an erase of
    free space got it back.
    Thanks for looking, Simon

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