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    Finder Command + T problem
    Hello all,

    Its maybe a stupid question but i'm still abit new with imac.

    I was working in my finder widow and i pressed control + T because i tought i would get a new finder window.

    But what happend is, the highlighted file ( a pdf file) was coppied into the slidbar at the left side of the finder window.

    But when i try to drag it into the dropbox it won't remove it.
    How can i remove that .pdf file from the left application slidbar :s

    I already tried this url from apple but nothing i could find
    => Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

    You can see the command + T function at that url. But not how to remove an item :p
    Please help

    Thanks in advance for the answer

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    Right click on the item in the sidebar -> "remove from sidebar"

    All it did was adding a shortcut to the file in the Finder sidebar. So you are good to remove it without losing the file.

    Command+n is a new Finder Window :-)


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    Hold the control key and select the item on the sidebar. It has an option to remove from sidebar. Also if you have right click enable just right click the item -> remove from sidebar

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    Oct 20, 2011
    Worked thanks ! :)
    Okay guy's thanks for the very very fast answer.

    The solution worked.

    But actually i already tried it first to open it with right click but then i didn't got a window to remove it.

    I tried a few time and it worked


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