Hi All,

So I have a iphoto issue. I have a macbook pro, and keep hundreds of photos (maybe thousands) on iphoto, with another many thousand on my external hd.

A few months ago, (and I cant remember the details exactly on what i did here, sorry), i clicked on a for of opening iphoto that somehow restructured things big time, essentially, it took about 12 hours, and when it was finished, all the pictures (which were older) that were on my external hd, we suddenly on iphoto when it opened.

I was shocked, and thought Id lost all the pictures previously on iphoto.

It turned out, I had both, and the long 12 hour "think" my computer did put all the pics in a reorganized way on my computer, and I was able to open iphoto with either set appearing, essentially, as it was, or with the new have-everything-on-the-external hd-appear version.

Now just now, and I hadnt even turned off/on my computer, all my iphoto has reverted, I have nothing new on there since I had this happen in the spring, and I cant find many photos, even by searching by date on both the mac and hd. What happened!!????