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    Need help reinstalling OS X 10.4.11 on iBook
    My cousin bought an iBook at a garage sale and it is full. It is only 40GB and only has put on 4GB of songs and pictures. There should be lots more room left and I can't figure out where all the space has disappeared to.

    Anyway, I tried to reinstall with an OS X 10.4.6 DVD and it just hangs on reboot at the apple logo, but no spinning wheel shows up. I let it sit for over half an hour with no progress. I then tried turning it off and pressing the C key to install, but same thing.

    Am I doing something wrong during install? Is there a utility/command to free all disk space?

    Sorry for the newbish questions, but I'm new to Mac.

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    Did the 10.4 DVD come with the iBook? If not, what DVD is it? A gray DVD or a Black one?

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    Oct 19, 2011
    It is a backup dvd. I'm pretty sure it's a retail apple DVD. It doesn't look like a special iBook disk.

    some other info on the ibook. it says PowerBook 2.2 with a Power PC 750 @467MHz and 320MB ram and I think a 20GB hard drive.

    on the bottom of the iBook it says model number is M6411.

    I just called my cousin and had him check.

    ps, the disk is hand written and says "os x 10.4.6 tiger" and it's updated to 10.6.11

    pss is there a way I can look on the DVD for a type?

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