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Thread: Images for projection

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    Images for projection
    I have an ancient iBook G3/600 (Late 2001) with a mini VGA port and I want to give a presentation of images. How do I prepare my images on the computer and get them in the right order and size etc.
    I have loaded the images to the laptop from my desktop via a memory stick, but when they appear on the laptop they have lost their thumbnails so they are incredibly difficult to select for the presentation.
    Sorry for the dumb questions but I'm an old fashioned designer and maker of grandfather clocks and these technical things are a bit of a challenge! Old dogs, new tricks.

    Apologies to all as earlier I posted this in the wrong bit of the forum.

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    I'm not going to be much help with that ancient G3 iBook, however, in order to present and project images you need a program such as iWork Keystone or MS Powerpoint. Either program will make it easy to get everything in the right order, edit, and present them via a projector.

    Perhaps someone here who is more familiar with that model iBook can tell you how to hook it up to a projector and what cables you will need.

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    Technology progresses fast, its hard to keep up. much like chscag, i have no experience with your g3 ipbook.

    There are projectors not that can play images through a USB or SD card and you wont need your laptop at all. I use AAXA Technologies P4 pico projector and there are no cords needed if you set it up this way. Its new i just got it last week. works pretty well for me.

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