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    You need to restart your computer every so often (like I mentioned earlier in this thread).

    In photo #2...your "Page Outs" and "Swap Used" are VERY high. This happens when you haven't restarted your computer in a long time (versus always just putting it to sleep).

    My wife has exactly the same MacBook as you. She started out with 2gig of ram...and I recently upgraded it to 8 gig. Even with 8gig of ram...if you don't restart the computer occasionally...eventually the "Page Outs" and "Swap Used" will start to increase...until eventually the computer will slow down.

    I'm not saying you need to upgrade the ram in your computer...just restart it every now & then (this frequency will vary depending on how much you use your computer).

    Do this:

    - restart your computer
    - after restarting immediately open "Activity Monitor" (don't open anything else)
    - in Activity Monitor click on the "System Memory" tab
    - observe the "Page Outs" and "Swap Used" sizes

    See how your "Page Outs" and "Swap Used" sizes are GREATLY reduced...or may even be ZERO. This should also return your computer to it's former "speediness".


    - Nick
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    - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup
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