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    Question difference between snow leopard and lion (icloud)
    hi all, i'm new to apple this year, converted from windows to my lovely i5 macbook pro few months ago and love it. currently waiting on the iphone 4s to arrive to my house (fed up with blackberry). Been looking into the new features of the iphone and icloud came up, looked cool and useful but i read on here you need lion dam. So what i wanna know is what's the difference between snow leopard and lion?? and is there any chance in the very near future that icloud will be coming to snow leopard.


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    No. Apple has made a bold move in forcing us users to an OS version. Current mobile members are good until 2012, then you are dead in the water.

    Just grab Lion for 29.99 upgrade, and move on...

    Lion has a few issues with older appliances so make sure you research I have had to replace many a printer over Lion. Past that grab Lion so you can move into iCLoud.


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