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    Intermittant freezing
    I have a 2003 G4 PowerBook 12". It has 1.25GB memory, running version 10.4.11 with a 1GHz processor. My problem is it will intermittantly freeze, then a box rolls down the screen and in 3 languages it says "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the start button for several seconds." No reason is given about what the problem is. Any suggestions? Did a memtest and it said everything was fine.

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    Those are called "kernel panics" and generally are caused by defective hardware. With a machine that old, it's hard to say what it could be. The first and easiest thing to test would be the hard drive since you have already tested the memory.

    Use your install recovery media to test the hard drive for errors. I also suggest making a backup of all your data as soon as possible.

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