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    Unhappy Upgraded to LION and have problems
    This me first post on your forums so hello.
    I have just upgraded my iMac from Snow Leopard to Lion and have hit a number of problems

    1 It now takes about 10 minutes to boot up (this maybe due to the next issue)

    2 When it boots up I now get a number of windows come up one is called "Folder Actions Setup" and it lists an option called "Share" (this is the name of a folder on my NAS drive. After a while it brings up this folder in a separate window! (didn't use to)

    3 iTunes starts up (It didn't use to)

    4 I have a folder called "Library" that iTunes is located but the no longer shows up in Finder and in iTunes if I click on a file and click "Show in Finder" is shows the file and its root and I can see the "Library" folder but it's greyed out!!

    If anyone could throw any ways to get me out of this mess I would be very grateful

    Sorry to post such a long post for my first one but i'm at my wits end with it!!!

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    The long boot up will occur the first few times Lion boots. That should change later on to a faster boot. Make sure you turn off "Restore Windows when quitting........." from System Preferences, General.

    As for the user Library folder.... it's now a hidden folder in Lion. In order to show it select "Go", "Goto Folder", Library, from the Finder main menu on top.

    You might want to disconnect your NAS for the time being until you can get everything else working right. Afterward, connect the NAS again and set it up once more with Time Machine.

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    Oct 15, 2011
    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have booted up loads of thins now :-( but it takes the same long time :-( I have also tried the un-ticking of the "Restore Windows when quitting........." to no avail. I've just noticed that it is NOT saving anything I change, I have just tried to change my mouse wheel and un-ticked a box but it's not done anything and when I go back in the box is ticked again!!!!!

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    Head into System Preferences - Startup Disk and select your OS X partition - then reboot.
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