I am running 10.6.8, and am trying to set up Iphoto to share the library with multiple users.
I have created the disk image in my 'shared' folder. I have made sure the permissions are set to 'read and write' for everyone. Now I'm at the point where I am supposed to drag my Iphoto library to the newly created image. When I do so, it simply won't work. I can drag it to other folders, but not the icon for the new disk image. Am I missing something here?
I have a couple of other questions regarding the process:
- Dragging the Iphoto library to the image was supposed to 'copy' it over, as opposed to 'moving' it over. Will I now have duplicate libraries eating up twice the necessary disk space?
- when I open iphoto, I am supposed to hold down the option key, and pick the new library out of the popup. Do I have to do this for every user, or just the administrator?

Thanks for any help.