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    iCloud Mail Question
    This may seem like a stupid question because I'm sure it has a very simple answer that I just can't seem to find, but...

    Does anyone know how to change the view for the mail in iCloud? I knew where it was for MobileMe mail, but I just moved over to iCloud today and can't seem to find it. Surely they haven't gotten rid of the feature where you can change the view in mail?

    Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer.

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    What view are you referring to? iCloud encompasses quite a few devices and apps. Are you accessing it through the iOS Mail app or on your Mac through the Mail app? Or online through

    I never used MobileMe, so I'm not sure I'll be able to help you but hopefully that information can get someone else on the right track.

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    Oct 14, 2011
    I'm referring to the mail portion of the iCloud website. When accessing MobileMe's mail online, there was an option to change the way the mail page looked, moving the list of emails above the preview box, next to it, etc. I was just wondering if anyone was aware of a way to do this with the online version of iCloud mail, as I have yet to find it.

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