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    May 04, 2011
    What are the default Fn-Key Functions?
    I've got a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.8.

    Does anyone know what the default settings are for the function keys (say, if you are using the Finder)?

    For example, what's supposed to happen if you type Fn-1?

    I've figured out a few (Fn9-12), but want to know what the other function keys are set to do.

    Second question -- just as important -- is there any way native to OS X to reassign the function keys' functions? (or if not native to OS X --without having to use a script or something-- is there third-party software that you recommend?)

    (I found an Apple webpage discussing the Fn keys, but the content of the discussion is not available: currently "under maintenance.")

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    Sep 13, 2011
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    First google results:

    'Mac function keys'
    Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

    'Re-assign function keys mac'
    Mac OS X: How to change the behavior of function keys
    Blair Technology Group - Mac System Administrator

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    May 04, 2011
    This remapping program does what I need.
    (Documentation is a little thin, but the program works well, and it's free.)

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