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    Log in screen lagging
    Hello, i am new to the forum and don't know if anything like this has been posted previously so I'm sorry if i am repeating the thread.
    i wonder if anyone can give me some advise or point me in the right direction.

    When i close the lid to my new macbook pro 13" (running lion), the screen which requests the password to get onto the mac comes up all pushed to the left hand side and a black section covering about a fifth of the right hand side. Just as if the screen has all been pushed to the left. it is also taking longer to load to that screen when i lift the lid.

    This started happening yesterday when shortly after i downloaded the transmission bittorent software and an album from it.

    I dont know what has caused it to do this and am wondering if there is some sort of virus or i have damaged the operating system.

    Does anyone know how to sort this other than reinstalling the OS and wiping it clean.

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    ?? That looks pretty strange. As soon as you log in the screen goes back to normal?

    I would probably try:

    shut down - then re-boot - 'not' a restart

    If that's a no go, then try a SMC reset. (top hit in google)
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    i tried it and it seems to have worked at the moment! thanks a lot

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