Hi everyone,

I recently had the logic board replaced on my MacBook Pro, and when I got it back from Apple, one of my keyboard layouts no longer works. I've got 10.6.8 on there now (which I thought was what I had when I mailed it out), so I'm sure they installed the latest version of the OS.

This is a problem because I have a foreign language font that requires that keyboard (the old Mac US System 6 keyboard). There is no substitute for that font or for that layout (unless I can figure out how to make my own).

I have the keyboard layout as both an rsrc file and a kbd file, but neither one works. Is there a new file format for 10.6.8? Is there a (free) program that will either let me make my own custom keyboard layout (allowing me to replicate that one…I found one for Windows 7 on my netbook) or rearrange the font that I need it for so that it will work with US or US Extended?

Actually, given the choice, remapping the font is probably preferable to making a custom keyboard, but I'm cool with doing either as long as it's free.

Thanks, in advance,