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    Newbee Seeking Assistance with Backup/Cloning
    Ok, so I finally jumped into the deep end of the pool and purchased an OWC Mercury Elite Pro 1 TB external hard drive. Now what?! I'm doing my first initial backup in Time Machine, which is obviously taking forever since I have over 10,000 photos (amateur photographer) in Aperture 2. I posted a thread on another forum, and they suggested that I not use Time Machine due to the slowness and several other issues, and instead to use a cloning program like SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner. Has anyone else used these/other 'cloners'?

    I'm currently running OS X 10.5.8, but want to upgrade to 10.6.x so that I can upgrade to Aperture 3 - I just bought an Olympus XZ1 that is only compatible (RAW) with the Aperture 3 updates. So once this initial backup is completed, I would like to upgrade both my operating system and Aperture -- then do another backup/clone with the NEW information. I'm pretty sure that I don't want Lion, as I've read about numerous problems with it.

    So I guess basically I'm just looking for some help and pointers.

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    Going to be slow regardless.

    But CCC is a solid choice, as well as being free (donations are appreciated)


    rsync is free, powerful, and all you ever need too

    CCC for the easy GUI no hassle option OR research rsync if you wish to do a little under the hood work yourself


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    If your machine is FW800 capable then an external FW800 drive would be very fast compared to USB 2.0.

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    I agree with CarbonCopyCloner. A solid performer and is certainly even worth the purchase.

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