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Thread: Questions regarding App icons

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    Questions regarding App icons
    So today I decided to start changing my app icons and I got to change some of them. My problem is that I wanted to change my Applications and Documents folders in the dock but after I removed them and replaced them with the new image ones, they don't respond with the stacks or anything and then after a bit the image disappears. This happens on both. I used the copy-paste method on Get Info.
    Also, I was wondering how you guys change other icons like Finder, Time Machine, iTunes, etc.

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    Closer than you think.
    You need to create a .icns file and replace the .icns file inside the application package.

    There are plenty of Photoshop templates and plugins out there that let you create the correct size icons for OS X.

    Once created use the show package contents option in the Finder to browse to the icns file in the package. Be sure to backup the original.

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    Wink Great App icon program
    Hey, there's a great (free) program you can use to get icons. You can even upload them later again, and there's a recovering feature!

    Link to program

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