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Thread: Quick Look Helper Killing My Fans?

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    Quick Look Helper Killing My Fans?

    I have a mid 2010 unibody macbook pro 13", and i bought it second hand. It runs vverry loud, and even when I have minimal applications open the fans can reach 5000rpm and make a huge racket!

    So after a little reading I checked my activity monitor and "quick look helper" was using over 150.0 on the CPU.

    I quit this process, and almost immediately my fans ran more slowly and the whole thing ran quietly.

    What is Quick Look Helper and is this behaviour normal for a process?

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    Quick Look Helper seems to be a mystery process. I've tried to find some discussions that would explain the heavy CPU usage but thus far have been unable to track anything down.

    Pretty good discussion here that may help you understand it better and how to shut it off.

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