OK..this thing is REALLY irritating in the lion OS..
Take any media into account..may it be a doc file or video or an audio file,whenever i click on it..it opens up the previously opened files of the same types.
Like if suppose i opened an image file(with preview) called 'abc',then i closed it. Now when i attempt to open another image file,say 'xyz', 'file 'abc' also pops up along with it! This is NOT convenient in any way whatsoever! I don't know what were the developers thinking when they installed his 'feature'. In the General tab in the system preferences menu,i have removed the tick from "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps". This has rectified my problem with image files. Now when i am opening an image file..it ALONE opens.
but the problem persists with word files..please HELP!