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    Transferring user prefs from one machine to another
    I run a 40+ eMac (OS 10.3.9) computer lab and would like to be able to set up one computer with users and very specific limitations (students) and then migrate these settings to the other computers. I'm well aware of Migration Assistant, but 10.3.9 only runs Setup Assistant and even then I still have to do one computer at a time. I have Apple Desktop Remote and it would be very effective to be able to use ADR for the task. The problem is I'm at a loss of what files contain the critical data. I'm only interested in copying over the user's access limitations. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Your best bet would be to make one mac the source and then duplicate the whole stratup disk using Super duper or carbonCopy cloner to an external bootable drive then using that to create all the other macs.

    The only other way is to use OSX server on one of the macs and restricting users that way, you may be able to find copies of panther server on the net or ebay - I would think they should be pretty inexpensive since Panther is getting on a bit
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    I appreciate your input, louishen. I'm familiar with cloning as well as imaging, but again, it is a one-at-a-time operation which I'm hoping to avoid.

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