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    Angry Sudden dramatic slowing down of window opening
    I have a one year old macbook pro with 8gig ram and 720G hd. I installed Lion in August and it worked grand till last week when certain functions suddenly began to slow down. For instant if I am sorting files in open windows it can take maybe fifteen seconds for a particular folder to respond to the mouse click - i get the dreaded spinning ball. I thought it might be that I had 700G of material on the hd, but on dumping half of that, no change. I tried verification, no change; I re loaded Lion from Apple, still no change. It does not seem to be the machine, or processor, for i have the original 350G hard drive with Snow Leopared on it and when I boot the machine externally from that it works perfectly, and even faster. Is there a bug in Lion, or is there any simple solution to this, other than getting another machine? I use the computer for mostly text (word, pdfs) and some photo stills work. Also, iTunes - possibly after the last update - dropped all my playlists and I had to reload my music. Bad month ...

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    Sounds like poor hard drive. Wouldn't be a Hybrid XT would it?
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    the HD concerned is ST9750420AS , no more info at this time. I'l try swapping the original one back, thanks

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