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    Best way to transfer software, iTunes data, and MacMail history?

    I've just ordered a new iMac and it should be here within the next day or so.

    The first thing I need to do when it arrives is transfer the data from my old Mac to the new one.

    I was wondering, is it possible to transfer all my software without having to insert the disks and reinstall?

    Also, is it possible to transfer my iTunes data (ratings and playcounts), and also my email history in MacMail?

    My final question is whether Time Machine would be handy for this? Would I be able to connect the external HD I use for Time Machine into the new Mac and revert to a previous save, and if so, would this cause any problems (ie. overwriting some of the pre-installed files from the new Mac?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Easy peasy - its called migration assistent

    How to use Migration Assistant to transfer files from another Mac
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    Okay, thanks for the link.

    So, if I'm transferring using Time Machine, can I do it directly from the EHD to the new computer or do I need to connect the two computers?

    I'm hoping I can do it directly from the EHD because the reason I'm getting a new Mac is because my current one crashes every ten minutes!

    Thanks again.

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    When you first turn on the new Mac, it will ask if you want to restore from a backup - say yes - connect your ehd and away you go.
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    What a relief! Thanks.

    I read the article from the link and it said my software will be transferred, but could someone kindly confirm whether or not iTunes playcounts/ratings and MacMail email history will transfer?

    Finally (and I swear this is the last question I will ask!), my new Mac will come preinstalled with Lion, so will it be safe and easy to transfer data from Snow Leopard to Lion without causing any problems?

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