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    deleted partition
    Im a new user of mac computers. I have an iMac27 and I made a partition to bootcamp in order to have a windows.
    Now I deleted this partition in disk utilities, but de space in disk has lost (24Gb). I thought the volume space deleted will return the primary partition.
    What can I do to resolve problem?

    Thanks in advance

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    Why did you use Disk Utility instead of BootCamp Assistant the same way you created the partition?

    Just deleting a partition will not cause it to automagically become a part of some other partition. It only becomes unpartitioned space. After you deleted the partition, did you then drag the bottom right corner of your MacIntosh HD partition down to take the space back into it?

    I would make sure you have a backup before you do this - always have a backup before you play with any partition that you care anything about the data that is on it.

    Have not done it in awhile now, you may need to boot and run Disk Utility from your OS X disc in order to do the above.
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