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    Oct 05, 2011
    lion install with new air
    Currently have a '11 air.

    Looking to install air on my '09 imac. According to the learns lion can be installed on as many macs that I own.

    So I understand how to reinstall on the current air, but a bit clueless of how this is going to work on the snow leopard imac. Using the lion recovery tool, to install the 1gb file to the usb won't work, because as stated the recovery boot will only work on a system that has lion, or previously had lion?

    mac also states another option is log in with your apple id on the mac you want lion on(the imac with snow for example). The problem is, I never got lion with an apple id but it just came with my new that really isn't an option is it?

    A bit confused how to get this to work.. thanks

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    Mar 09, 2011
    mbp 15 2009, mbp 13 2010
    here is a simple answer, your air is pre installed with lion. If you want your imac to be
    installed with lion, you have to purchase the osx download.

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