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    Unhappy OSX Lion Instability and Graphic Issues
    After having installed OSX Lion from Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro 2009 model with 500GB hard drive and 8GB Ram I have started experience the following artifacts:

    1. after computer goes to standby (e.g. low battery etc) and waking it up again (under full power like plugged in) causes fuzzed out and pixeled out strips to occur on the screen of my desktop that do not disappear even when flicking between desktop screens or logging out and in again.

    2. Pixeled windows can also appear such as when I open another finder window or hard drive folder it will just contain a bunch of pixels no images.

    3. When I re-launch finder pixels remain.

    4. When I try to log off and reboot sometimes the computer hangs and I have to hard reset.

    5. I believe it must be tied to the graphics drivers or hardware not being compatible with Lion (or at least not fully)

    6. Yes I have the computer up to date with all the latest updates and otherwise do not experience any problems.

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    Hi. Like you, I experienced a number of issues installing Lion over SL. My issues were different to what you're experiencing -I had beach-balling, instability, massive loss of HDD space etc. Just the other day I did a complete HDD format & clean install of Lion and everything is once again working as it should! Maybe that would help you too -but please, do a thorough back-up of all your data, software license keys etc. before doing anything else!
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    Oct 05, 2011
    thanks a re-install might be not such a bad option, however if it's because my backup is corrupted than I would have to start from scratch, I want to make sure it's not just bugs that are native to Lion and will eventually be addressed by Apple.

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    Oct 05, 2011
    OSX Lion and Safari Instability
    My Safari crashes quite frequently and attached is the screen that I am getting. My next move will be to remove all add-ons and extensions and try again.

    Has anybody experienced Safari instability in OSX Lion?
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    Did you try removing the Ad Blocker plugin that caused Safari to crash? Because that's what the error message is telling you.....

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