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    "Default Desktop" HELP!!!!!!!!!
    Hi everyone, I am in deep troubles now!!!

    I renamed my home directory without entering my password (authentication) (The orignal account name is "raymond huang" and "RLH" as the short name. I changed it to "..." and "RLH" is still the same b/c i can't change it.)

    Then I restarted my computer, and my home directory contents and preferences appear to be lost! And my home directory subfolders (Documents, Pictures, and so forth) are empty!

    I tried to follow the apple/support online but didn't find it is helpful to me.

    On the apple/support, it says to check if the missing home directory is present or not. But how do i know WHAT home directory looks like and if it is present or not?

    Also, I don't see "new home directory" in the "Users" folder as described in step 2.
    All i see is 13 folders, 12 folders are RLH, RLH 1, RLH2, RLH 3,.....RLH11 (b/c I restarted and loged out for 12 times), Folder "RLH11" is the icon of a House. The last folder is "Shared", which has a subfolder "GarageBand Demo Songs".

    all my files are on the HD but i can't access!

    Please help me out!
    I have projects saved and they are due on Friday!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

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    I deleted all of your other threads. We do not allow multiple threads here. Consider this your last warning

    You should NEVER change your home folder name. Delete all of the folders except RLH (Your original home folder) and RLH11 (House icon). Rename the folder with the house to the folder with your short name the exact way it was spelt. Restart the computer and everything should be back to normal. Delete RLH11 and don't ever change your home folder name
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