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Thread: Re-connecting to WiFi Router

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    Re-connecting to WiFi Router

    I recently installed Lion and on the whole I like it. However, There is one issue that I don't understand. When I power down or switch off my MacBookPro (2007/8) and then re-start it some time later, everything is as it should be. But if I just close the lid and leave it for a while it loses the wifi connection.

    Eventually, when I look, the various local options are there but although my router is at the top of the list it doesn't automatically connect to it.
    My wife's MacBook connects without prompting and so does my iPad.

    The other thing that's happening is the superdrive randomly makes the 'initialising' sound.

    I recently had the motherboard replaced F.O.C. because of the Nvidea card burning up.

    Any ideas?


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    Think as a first option, I'd go into the Advanced settings of your Network preferences and remove everything in the Preferred Networks box and then re-add it.

    Have seen other reports of Lion not connecting after waking from sleep. I've only had it happen once on either of my Macs. Just asked my wife, she says this does happen on her MB quite a bit and has to turn wifi off and back on, so I'll check it out on her machine this weekend.
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