Well, recently, my Mac has been giving me trouble with Boot Camp. It doesn't think my disk is journaled, when it says that it is journaled in both Onyx and Disk Utility. So now I can't download Windows support software, which means no drivers, no wireless internet, no point of using Windows.

Also, the Recovery HD is mounting as a regular disk, instead of a hidden partition. It is perfectly fine, and is bootable, but the system thinks it is broken, and it shows up on my desktop like a normal mounted drive.

I've tried reinstalling OS X from the recovery disk, restoring the entire system from time machine backups, etc etc etc. But it's still not working perfect.

First question: Where, if any place, can I download Windows support software manually and not from Boot Camp assistant?

Second question: How can I make bootcamp assistant think my disk is journaled and allow me to continue?

Third question: How can I fix that Recovery HD and make it be recognized as a normal disk, so it can be moved out of the way?